IR-102 (Modified Calcium Stearate)

- Calcium Stearate, because of its high purity and low filtration index, are especially used as acid scavenger, lubricant in polyethylene and polypropylene film and fiber industry. Due to certain specific requirements from our clients, we have also provided them with some modified Calcium Stearate and Low Moisture Calcium Stearate.

▶ The detail application, where our Calcium Stearate is used is mentioned as under 

Food IndustryFlow agents in Powders including some foods and surface conditioner in candies
Fabric IndustryWaterproofing agent
Stationary IndustryLubricant in Crayons & pencils.
Construction industryAs waterproofing and used for efflorescence control
Paper IndustryLubricant for providing gloss and fold cracking
Plastic IndustryLubricant, acid scavenger, and release agent
Pharmaceutical IndustryTablet Mold release, anti tack agent, and gelling agent.