- Aqvacomp is a biocomposite that uses cellulose microfiber (CMF) as reinforcement in plastic. This eco-friendly fiber can be used as a substitute for glass fiber or mineral filler, providing excellent sound properties to the musical instruments and loud speakers.
Aqvacomp can be applicable to a variety of materials including PP, PE (including Bio-PE), PS, ABS and PLA.

Major Properties

 Eco-friendliness : 
Manufactured using natural fiber extracted from the woods cut in strict compliance with sustainable forest management
  Mechanical property :
Providing the same physical property as MF (talc)-enhanced plastics
 Dimensional stability : 
Having a 3D isotropic structure to provide the same physical properties in all directions and an improvement in bending
 Light weight :
Compared with the conventional GF/MF composite materials, approximately 20% in weight can be saved 
(GF specific gravity: 2.70 / CMF specific gravity: 1.50)
 Plasticity :
Excellent flowability in thin products realized through improvement of the problems with the conventional natural composite materials in terms of odor, corrosion of the mold, etc.


▶ Loud speakers including sound bars, Light-weight, eco-friendly automobile materials, Flaxwood guitar