- PA6T is a type of polyamide that provides lower water absorption and higher heat resistance compared to conventional polyamides. 
It has excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, enabling it to be used for automobile powertrain / chassis and mechanical parts.

Major Properties

① High heat resistance
② Low water absorption
③ Excellent chemical resistance, dimensional stability
④ Excellent stability in refrigerants, oils, acids, etc.
⑤ Constant strength and rigidity up to 80 degrees
⑥ Heat deflection temperature (HDT / A 270 degree SMT possible)
⑦ Excellent flowability


▲ Electrical & Electronic
Applied products : connectors and components such as mobile phone connectors, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

▲ Car (Thermosat Housing, fused link connector, Wire harness connector)
Applied products: Parts that require high heat, high strength and high toughness of the car are applied.