- PES is a transparent amber amorphous resin that provides excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. 
High-performance and reliable materials are continuously needed in the fields where the prompt development of high technologies and high technological innovations are required like the electric, electronics, automobiles and aircraft industries. 
PES is a high performance engineering plastic that addresses these needs.

Major Properties

① High temperature rigidity
② Dimensional stability
③ Formability
④ Flame retardancy
⑤ Excellent total balance


▲ Electrical & Electronic
Applicable products: TCP carrier, IC socket, IC burn-in socket

▲ OA Precision Instrument
Applicable products: Gear, Bushing

▲ medical/food/mechanical/Automobile
Applicable products: internal electrophoresis, a pneumatic pump, medical drill, powder, dental mirror, chopsticks.

▲ paint & more
Applicable products: pellets, film, coating agents