- PC is an amorphous thermoplastic resin that provides excellent impact resistance, excellent dimensional stability and transparency. 
It offers new opportunities for designers designing innovative, cost-competitive products such as eyeglasses, compact discs (CDs), kitchenware and office equipment.

Major Properties

① Excellent impact strength
② Diverse colors can be realized – transparent, translucent and opaque
③ Injection, extrusion, blow molding, foaming possible
④ UV (UV) stability
⑤ FDA-compliant


Applied Products: Glasses, Compact discs, etc.

Applied Products: water purifier bucket

▲ EXL Ultra high impact strength
Applied Products: Helmets

▲ HFD High fluidity
Applied Products: Lens

High Heat Resistant PC

● Major Properties

① HDT 180 Degree
② High impact
③ Unique transparent material among high heat resistant PCHigh Heat Resistant PC