Ppurisen (Uprooting complex material)

What is Ppurisen ?

▶ Product for rooting promoter
 Type of materials : micronutrient element compound fertilizer
 Fertilizer registration number : Jeonnam Gokseong23-Ga-10804
 Product volume : 1ℓ, 4ℓ

● Product Feature and Effects

 This product contains compounds such as amino acid, ion calcium, mineral and microelement is a perfect nutritional supplement for plants to absorb.
 Natural antioxidant material and organic acid are mixed properly, stimulating the growth of plants through cell division and composition of metabolic materials.
 By multiplying the effective microorganisms in the soil, the development of the rootlet and the taking root are improved and the effects are excellent for improving the commerciality.

How to Use

 Soil drench : Use about 1,500 ~ 2,000㎡ with a diluted capacity of 1 ton.
 Foliar spray : Dilute 30~50ml in 20ℓ of water depending on the time and type of crop.


Applied crop

Dilution rate

Seedling stage

Maturation period

Leafy vegetables

Cabbage, Lettuce, Spinach etc

500 times
(water 2,000ℓ/4ℓ)

375 times

Fruit trees

Apple, Pear, Peach, Grape etc

250 times

Fruit vegetables

Tomato, Cucumber, Strawberry, Watermelon etc

750 times

500 times


Rose, Tulip, Chrysanthemum etc

* Increase or decrease depending on the environment or location conditions by crop and season of growth.
* The combination of "Cheonhyeone" and "Hyosoplus Gold" among our products is more effective.


 Shake well before use as it is highly concentrated.
 For foliar spray, It is recommended to spray as possible on "early morning" or "late afternoon"

● Example of use