IT (Information Technology)

Antitarnishng agent(Surface Treatment)

- Molecular Self-Assembly is the assembly of molecules without guidance or management from an outside source. 

- SAM(Self-Assembled Monolayer) have a wide range of applications. 

▶ Applications include: Surface treatment for mobile, semiconductor and electronic parts.

● Chrome plating posttreatment

- Hexavalent chrome is considered to be toxic and carcinogenic. 

In contrast, trivalent chrome plating used to deposit thinner, softer but more corrosive.

- Our product have excellent anti-corrosive performance to trivalent chrome plating materials.

● Liquid masking for LDS process

- Perfect protection of foreign material bonds will plastics. 

Easy process of masking plastics. 

 (Dipping process) Easy cleaning process of removing masking material. 

Economic solution for quality improvement of LDS. Environmentally friendly.

● Stainless Steel Surface treatment

- Water repellent and antifouling effect.

 Keep high gloss of stainless steel surface. 

Easy use of just dipping process