YeastHeal™ Fermented Artemisia Liquid

- Artemisia gmelinii famous for its vitality is fermented with yeast to enhance its healing properties such as anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation

▶ INCI Name of Main Ingredient :
Saccharomyces/ Artemisia Gmelinii Leaf/ Stem/ Agave Tequilana Stem Extract Ferment Filtrate
▶ Material :
The aboveground part of Artemisia gmelinii which has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes in Korea.
▶ Concept :
Artemisia gmelinii, among mugworts, famous for its strong vitality surviving the harsh and dry environment is fermented with yeast to reduce toxicity while enhancing its medicinal properties to be used in functional skin care products.
▶ Recommended Dosage :

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