Floor-care products

Floor Wax

- One Step No Buff Wax offers long-lasting shine and protection on floors. 

It's more than just a floor wax-it deep-cleans by lifting away dirt and heel marks, leaving floors with a rich, luxurious finish without buffing.

● Floor Wax Stripper

- It easy to deep-clean your tile and vinyl floors and leaves behind a brilliant shine. 

It cleans dirt and grime, brightening as it cleans, leaving your floor with a beautiful look It quickly does the work of floor-cleaning products-cleaning, shining, restoring and protecting your floors.

● Floor Cleaner

- Unlike many floor cleaning products, Floor Cleaner leaves no sticky residue that can trap dirt and dull your floor. 

It's oil free and specially formulated to powerfully-but safely-clean your floor, leaving nothing but a natural luster and a fresh citrus fragrance.