Functional Chemicals Business Unit (FCBU) is a future-oriented organization that professionally develops and supplies chemical products required for future industries such as 5G communication, new material and display. Major products include functional resins which are used as raw materials for PCB that is components of electronic devices, specialized oligomers which are used as a co-monomer in polycarbonate polymerization, and high-refractive monomers used in optical films for display and other applications requiring high-refractive property as well. We are also making efforts to discover new growth engines through expanding our portfolio, and finding new customers and business.

We have focused on the fine chemical industry for 60 years since its establishment. Our strengths are not only in chemical synthesis, polymerization and purification, but also know-how on process development and optimization through our self-owned engineering technology and production of customized products. This enables us to be more flexible to respond to the customers' requirements that are diversifying in the fast-growing future industry, and to provide solutions that meet customer value.

At present, we are introducing various products to our domestic customers as well as to the Asian and American markets, and we will continue to leap toward our vision "To be a global leader in functional chemicals".