White Lithium Grease(CW-2136)
Capacity / Standard
▶ Aerosol 420 ml

● Feature
 White Lithium Grease

● Descriptions
 Formulated with 100% synthetic base oils. A wide range of applicable temperature from -45°C to 160°C.
 Harmless lubricant to rubber, plastic
 No-runs, No-drips after spray. Leaving the coating intact 
 Rust- preventative

● Applications
 For lubricating various machines, equipment, cars etc.
 Ships, cars(door lock, plate motor etc.)
 Industrial division and Home(various doors, chains, screws etc.)
 Friction part of plastics, metal etc.

● How to use
 Clean the surface before use.
 Shake well before use.
 Spray evenly at a distance of 5-10 cm onto the surface.

● Package
 Aerosol 420ml
 Can 20ea/Box