General Purpose Lubricant(CW-2020)
 Capacity / Standard
▶ Aerosol 360 ml

 General Purpose Lubricant

 Effectively Prevents rust and corrosion
 Safe on most surfaces
 Removes moisture of the electrical and electronic components due to superior water transposition.
 Immediately penetrates to loosen up rusted parts.
 Banana flavored with the effective masking of any oil smell

 Maintenance and lubrication of housewares and tools
 Lubrication for moving parts of various kinds of cars, ships, agricultural equipment etc. Dehumidification of electrical parts.
 A wide range of machine components for lubrication, anti rust. Releasing adhesion
 Cleaning molds and inhibiting rust. Lubricating moving parts of cables, wire rope, lift, bearing etc

 How to use
 More effective after cleaning contaminants away and spraying
 When you penetrate and clean rust and other contaminants away, use a wiper or brush after some time for the better result.
 For uniformly coated anti rust and lubricant surface, spray until desired layers are achieved.  Use the extension nozzle for hard to reach areas.

 Aerosol 360ml
 Can 20ea/Box
 Pail 18.9 L