Siver-Coat Bright (Bright)(CW-2004)
Capacity / Standard
▶ Aerosol 400 ml

● Feature
 Silver Zinc Galvanizing Repair Product

● Descriptions
 High performance hybrid system and coating composition using metal paste. 
Excellent adhesion, durability. Resistant to corrosion, weathering, and moisture.
 Bright silver coating for protection of steel material
 Effective rust prevention under high salt level, severe corrosive environment and the metal substrate which already shows a corroded surface.
 This can be a primer and finishing paint by deliquescing metals and zinc corpuscles through electrochemical action.

● Applications
 Anti corrosion treatment before final top coating of industrial equipment and machinery,
 Protecting seaside and nautical constructions from possible corrosion by salt
 Protecting and zinc galvanizing welded, drilled or severed parts
 Acting as a finish to industrial equipment and machinery. Protecting and zinc galvanizing welded, drilled or severed parts.

● How to use
 Remove loose rust and foreign substances and clean the surface before use.
 Shake your spray can vigorously until the ball within the can begins to move smoothly.
 Spray your can 30 cm away from project surface. Apply multiple thin coats slightly overlapping each stroke for hard layers.
 An additional coat may be applied after 30 minutes.(Recoating)
 After use, turn can upside down and spray for 3 to 4 seconds until gas comes out.

● Package
 Aerosol 420ml
 Can 20ea/Box