Stainless Steel Coat (CW-2003)

Capacity / Standard

▶ Aerosol 420 ml

● Feature

 Stainless Steel Coating Product(316L Type)

● Descriptions

 Excellent adhesion, durability. Resistant to corrosion, weathering, and moisture.
 Heat-resistant coating in stainless steel pigment, Long-lasting rust protective.
 Maximum corrosion resistance under harsh conditions like salty, severe corrosive environment.

● Applications

 Use to cover discoloration in weld areas, various stainless steel reactor, machine tank, industrial equipment required for stainless steel pigment and corrosion inhibition.
 Stainless steel protective coating for welded, drilled, severed surfaces on seaside and nautical constructions which are likely to be corroded by salt.
 Preferred for the repair of damaged stainless steel surfaces in a matching colour and for the maintenance of stainless steel protective coating.

● How to use

 Remove loose rust and foreign substances and clean the surface before use.
 Shake your spray can vigorously until the ball within the can begins to move smoothly.
 Spray your can 30 cm away from project surface. Apply multiple thin coats slightly overlapping each stroke for hard layers.
 An additional coat may be applied after 30 minutes.(Recoating)
 After use, turn can upside down and spray for 3 to 4 seconds until gas comes out.

● Package

 Aerosol 420ml
 Can 20ea/Box
 Pail 18L