TAP#2 (For Stainless Steel and Aluminum)(CW-3110)
Capacity / Standard
▶ Can 473 ml

● Feature
 Precision Tapping Cutting fluid (For Stainless Steel and Aluminum)

● Descriptions
 Recommended for soft metals(aluminum, stainless steel). Excellent in applications where cooling of pressure and cutting heat is desired.
 Special composition of EP(Extreme Pressure) Additive and anti corrosion
 Prevents corrosion in aluminum tapping. Prevents build up edge.
 Odor-free, Non-flammable, Harmless to human body using edible sources
 Spray with extension nozzle allows precision applications and safety at work

● Applications
 To cutting operation for soft metals such as aluminum, stainless steel
 Tapping, drilling, reaming, treading, turning, milling, and broaching

● Package
 Can 473ml
 Can 20ea/BOX
 Pail 20kg