- It is possible to solve the phenomenon of early leaves, softening of meat quality, loss of sugar content and storage stability caused by physiological disturbance from loss and lack of minerals in the soil caused by modern agricultural environment and increase of fruit growing temperature due to global warming, Fertilizer is a functional fertilizer to realize fruit production.

Ingredient content

product name



Assurance component





Soluble boron: 0.05Soluble iron: 0.1

Only for fruit trees

● Features and Benefits

- PeIncreased pigmentation and sugar content due to the supply of total minerals required for growthllets

- Rapid supply of soluble calcium and essential minerals reduces premature decay

- Increase of yield, quality and shelf life due to growth of crops

- Decrease fertilizer usage by accelerating nutrient absorption due to decomposition and synthesis of oil and minerals

- Prevention of softening of pulp and sugar content due to annual temperature increase

- Promotion of Soil Entegrenation by Increasing Activation of Soil Rhizosphere Microorganisms

- Production of Functional Healthy Agricultural Products by Improving Mineral Content of Naturally Containing Crops

● Fertility (based on 10a)



How to use



Apple, pear, citrus



Depending on the cultivation environment, usage can be increased or decreased.

Peaches, grapes, persimmon



● How to use

- In late autumn (November to December) or early spring (February to March), fertilize ½ of Hi-bricks and fertilize by the rainy season and typhoon.

- When the heavy rain caused by the typhoon in the rainy season is over without using grace, you can fertilize the total amount of reference fertilizer.

- According to the fruit varieties, for early and late breeding, 3 months to 3 months before harvest and 3 to 4 months before harvest.

- Due to the nature of the fruit trees, the plagiarum, which lacks a large amount of microalgae due to a series of long-standing series, should be used as a gravestone in the entire plateau.

- Since this product is fertilizer, it is prohibited to use it for feed such as animal feed.