Rubber compound

Product Features

- Fine Polymer's rubber compound is the composite material such as rubber, filler, metal oxide, plasticizer, antioxidant, cross-linking agent, accelerator, etc., and there are a lot of different properties of compound in application. Fine Polymer can produce various types of compound as per customers needs such as outdoor insulation, compound for insulator, conductive material, wipers and o-rings for machine tool, etc.
▶ Testing Equipment 
- Rheometer, Mooney viscometer, Hot press, UTM, specific gravity balance, Hardness tester, Forced convection oven, Constant Temp. & Humidity Chamber. Accelerated Weathering Tester(QUV). Schering bridge(measuring of dissipation factor and dielectric constant), megohmmeter. Contact Angle tester. Tracking tester(IEC60587)

Representative Grade