CMS(Condensed Molasses Solubles)

- CMS, also known as Vinasse in Europe, is a fermentationby-product of sugar or ethanol industry. After collecting desired products, such as glutamic acid(MSG), lysine(Amino Acid), yeast, alcohol, etc, condensed remaining material is called CMS(Vinasse).Our CMS is by-product of MSG production.
- During fermentation process, some nutrients are not completely utilized by microbes and some nutrients such as crude protein, amino acid, sugar residue are newly generated So in CMS nutrients still remains


▶ CMS has long been used as an ingredient of ruminant feed. Since it is a by-product, price is relatively low, enabling feed mills to save cost.
 CMS can replace Molasses or SBM(Soy Bean Meal)
 Ingredients: Moisture 45%, Crude Protein 28%

● Fertilizer

 Since organic matter content is high, CMS can be used as an ingredient of organic fertilizer.
 Also because of its high viscosity and low price, CMS has been widely used as a binder of pellet or granule type fertilizer, replacing molasses.
 Ingredients: Nitrogen 4.4%, Phosphorus 0.04%, Potassium 3.15%, Organic Matter 49%

● Others

 Used as a binding agent of Concrete