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About us

The one and only platform
for Chemical industry in Korea

ChemKnock connects the Korean chemical companies and global buyers using the online platform.
Korea is a top-performing country in terms of producing chemical products in the finest qualities. They also provide their products at a reasonable price. Until now, it was challenging to access and get information about small and medium-sized companies in Korea and their products. However, everything became easy and quick after ChemKnock came out to the world.

Our story

Many chemical companies in Korea produce top-quality chemical products. However, the global buyers have had limited access to those Korean companies, because of the lack of information written in English and the absence of the oversea sales team in each small company in Korea.
Therefore, ChemKnock launched for providing the finest quality of information and more various & better options for those from overseas. It also provides the opportunities for small businesses that are under-estimated due to the lack of exporting experiences in the past.

Our Values

ChemKnock is the easiest method for searching and buying Korean Chemical products.
We are constantly striving to provide the best possible service, with the highest quality of the products

  • Win-Win

    ChemKnock is the easiest way to search for Korean chemical companies and their products.
    We encourage the sellers to offer their finest products
    with the best price for the buyers.

  • Co-operation

    Korean sellers and Global buyers can share their businesses on We provide the place for growing up all together.

  • Accompanied growth

    We are aiming to create the positive network effects between the Korean sellers and Global buyers. We maximize the effciency for every member companies registered on our website.

Our goals

We make it much easier to import the finest chemical products from
Korea and help to boost your companies’ sales with our partner companies.

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Welcome to the Korean Chemical Industry!

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