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We provide the reliable information about Korean companies and their products.
Try the top-quality trade services from ChemKnock and explore the new business opportunities.


Connect with the Korean sellers anytime, anywhere.
The Buyers will get their orders in the safest and fastest way.

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    Korean sellers upload their products on ChemKnock Korea. ChemKnock NLP translation will automatically translate them into English and upload on ChemKnock global at the same time.

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    Buyers can send an inquiry anytime

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    We will hand over the invoice to you as soon as the seller is ready. We are working 24/7 and will reply to you as soon as possible.

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    You can negotiate the price or the amount of order via email.

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    Sign a contract. We will ship your products to your location with the fastest and safest shipping method


Your company will be shown on a web banner.
You can upload your products on your company’s own website we provided
with the professional translation service.

  • Banner

    You can advertise your company and products to the Korean sellers and buyers

  • Register your company and products

    We will provide your company’s own website and help update the products up-to-date with our high-level English-Korean translator for avoiding the possible communication problems. For maximizing the advertising effects, our website is specially designed to catch people’s eyes the most.



If you could not find what you want from our website, please let us know.
We will use our companies' network to get you what you need as soon as possible!

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